Wednesday 14 September 2016

Day 1 - And we are off

And we are off. It's Wednesday Sept 14th 2016 for us and that means it's time for another adventure. This year we are returning to Hong Kong, spending some time in Macau and to end it off with a few days in Dubai.

The first part of the trip is a 7 hour flight to Dubai before connecting onto our business class flight to Hong Kong - our first time doing business class, we were so excited about that.

We had around 2.5 hours in Dubai when we landed, just enough time to transfer and grab some food. The airport is always very busy overnight, if you've never been it's massive, there is plenty to see and do there that it's very easy to lose track of time.

And then the fun began. We boarded our 8 hour flight to Hong Kong, an Airbus A380, a double decker too. We were sitting upstairs in the business cabin.


The seats were massive - it was so private. We sipped on champagne before taking off for what has to have been our smoothest take off ever.

Our seats came complete with a minibar, towards the rear of our deck was a dedicated lounge/bar with barman - and naturally everything was free.

We started the journey with a light snack. They even laid out a tablecloth for us. Then it was time to turn the seat into a bed and take in some sleep. We were awoken for breakfast before landing. It was definitely an experience we'll remember.

And now our Hong Kong Adventure begins. We set a stopwatch when leaving Dublin, it has taken us over 23 hours to get here!


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